Summer Survival Guide Group

Summer is coming and you can either run and hide or embrace and enjoy it!☀️
I’m not trying to be SUPER MODEL status but I’m aiming for confidence in whatever I wear and energy to keep up with the demands of my family & job without crashing from exhaustion. I’m aiming to set a good example for my kids & I am inviting you to join me!

Starting June 1st, it’s go time on my SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE Group! 

😎30 days of fitness and nutrition accountability

😎Meal Planning

😎Help enjoying vacations while staying on track.

😎Tip for eating out

😎Emotional eating help

😎Summer grilling and drink recipes – on plan!

BONUS: Buy a month of Shakeology and choose Cize or InsanityMax30 FREE from me!!! 

Email me at for all the details!