Hoadley Family Reunion Updates!

hoadley reunion cover 2018Please feel free to share this page with any Hoadley’s who are not on our Facebook page. A BIG Thanks to sisters, Diane Gray and Mary Kay Tixier, for taking on the challenge of planning the next reunion! We will post planning updates as we have them here! 

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2015lakeoftheozarksguess

The Reunion Team is working on a central location and thinks this might be the one! Who thinks they could travel here in the Summer of 2018 and can you guess what it is?! You can leave a reply at the bottom of this page!

UPDATE September 10, 2015

hoadley2Ok, we have a winner! 2018 it is! Put it on your calendar, start saving your pennies and get ready for more big news to come!

UPDATE September 9, 2015

 Feel free to leave a reply below if one of the choices does not fit your answer! Thanks for participating in the poll!

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