February 2015 – 5 Day Clean Eating Group

Welcome to our Group!

Thanks for joining us! We hope you are ready to feed all of your family clean meals all week long. For those of you new to clean eating, we are including our 10 guidelines to clean eating. You can start incorporating a few of these guidelines at a time into your daily routine. It may be easier to ease in if you are not currently eating clean.

This month is a little different than last month, as there is no schedule for the meals. There are 5 clean breakfast recipes, 5 clean lunch recipes and 5 one dish dinner recipes. You can choose which of these you would like to try this week.

Remember to try and shop and prep as much of your Sunday as possible to help your busy week go a little smoother.

PRIZES! There will be daily challenge posts in the group and you get points for participating! The 2 highest point earners will receive a week supply of Shakeology!

1 point – participate in the daily challenge post on Facebook Group, Monday – Friday.

1 point – participate in any of the polls at the links below,comment “done” on that page so I know you did, the polls themselves are anonymous.

1 point – comment on any recipe on cjessgogetfit.com

1 point – comment and let us know how you like the group, recipes or layout this month.

Feel free to post any questions on the Facebook group page!

Click here for Clean Eating Guidelines – Don’t forget to take the poll!

Click here for Clean Eating Recipes

Click here for Printable Shopping List for Dinner Recipes

Please comment “Done” below after you fill out this poll so you get your points!




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