Common 21 Day Fix Questions

PB2 or natural Peanut Butter?
While PB2 is lower in calories it’s better to eat all natural organic Peanut butter. It’s creamier and tastes better. Either way – count it as a teaspoon.

Egg Whites
It’s about 4 egg white containers that will FIT in one red container. However from a serving size perspective and caloric equivalent – 4 egg whites would count towards half a red for your daily needs.

Initial response – check with your doctor!!! Yes – you do need more calories and you may need to bump up a bracket but its all about the right foods in the right portions!!! As a general rule – add about 500 calories to your daily caloric need that you calculated and follow the portions!

Three Day Quick Fix – Shakeology – Yes or No?
While I never like to go a day without my Shakeology – if you’re going to end the 21-day fix with the 3-Day Quick Fix then you do have to follow the plan to a T and leave out the Shakeo!

Why are peanuts Blue and Orange?
It comes down to chopped vs. whole. Here’s Autumn’s full answer.

Pasta Sauce is a purple or green?
If it’s store bought and has sugars ans carbs it’s purple. If it’s made from scratch (with whole tomatoes) it is a green.

Should I prepare separate meals for the rest of my family?
Why would you feed yourself healthy foods and the rest of your family unhealthy foods??? Autumn hits the nail on the head with her answer.

Popcorn lovers?
You’ll be a-okay on the 21-day fix!!! 3 cups of popped popcorn = 1 yellow. Talk about a hearty snack!!! Check out this recipe.

Butter – Yes or No?
Yes – If it’s all natural and organic – count as tsp. Check out the full answer.

Starving? Help!
This way of eating might take some getting used to but you shouldn’t be starving. If you are super active, you should use the formula on page 76 of 21 Day Fix to make sure you are in the correct calorie bracket. That being said, eating from the top 1/3 of each of the lists will be the best choices for you not only for staying satiated but for losing the most weight and eating the most clean. Also be sure to eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours. This keeps your metabolism up and will make sure you don’t go to long without eating.

Kind Bars vs. Quest Bars

  • While Quest bars are not AWFUL they’re not the best thing for you either. If you’re absolutely in a bind, okay, use sparingly, count as a treat (yellow). Here’s Autumn’s full Answer.
  • Kind bars are one of the easiest “on the go” meals you can stash in your purse. However realize since they are more natural their shelf life is much shorter than others that are loaded with preservatives.

Maple syrup, raw sugar and honey! You can have up to a maximum of four teaspoons of honey, molasses, maple syrup, or raw sugar a day but read this first!

Why not more almond milk?!
The initial reasoning behind the limitations on the almond milk per the nutrition guide was because in general – it is suggested to NOT drink your calories! However Autumn did do an update in the Spring of 2015 where she shared that she will personally use up to 4 oz of unsweetened almond and/or coconut milk and does not count it as a container. So for all you almond milk in your Shakeo lovers out there – this may be gold! No more wasting yellows on the milk!!!!

Should I change my calorie bracket when I can’t get workouts in?
Naturally – it depends. Nutrition is key and this is simply a lifestyle not something to do temporarily. Here’s Autumns full Answer

How about coconut milk yogurt?
Given that there is no protein and 12 carbs Autumn believes this should be counted as a yellow and not a red like greek yogurt.

How frequently should you do the Ab Workout?
Abs are a tough muscle to exhaust. Per Autumn, you could do the 10-min ab fix daily but recommended to do at least 3-4 days a week to maximize your results or every other day.

How do you schedule the double workouts?
Doubles week is recommended during days 15-21. It is recommended to do the workouts at 2 separate times of the day to maximize your metabolism and allow your body to rest in between as well as burn more calories. That being said if you can’t get them in at two different times, you can do them back to back.

Some days are too crazy to get in all my containers. What should I do?
“I do my best to plan for anything that might come up in my day. I always have food prepared in my fridge that I can grab and go. Here is an example of how I would prepare for the unexpected. Lets say I have a meeting to go to. It will take me an about an hour to drive to the meeting, the meeting should last an hour and then it should take me an hour to drive home. That’s 3 hours that I’m away from home. That means if I eat a meal right before I leave I don’t have to bring food with me, I can wait till I get home to eat again because I eat every three hours right? WRONG!!!!! I will pack two meals to take with me because I just never know. What if traffic takes longer, what if the person I’m meeting with is running behind, what if the meeting takes longer than anticipated. Here’s the thing, life will ALWAYS throw hiccups your way. It’s your job to be ready for them. That means you have to be prepared. What do I always say? Being prepared isn’t half the battle, IT IS THE BATTLE.” – Autumn Calabrese

I work third shift, how should I eat my containers?
Your meals should be times just as they would if you were working a regular 9-5. That means whenever you wake up to get ready for your shift that is your morning, that is your first meal of the “day.” Then continue to eat your meals every 2-3 hours just as you would normally.


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