Freezer Meals 101


Here’s how I prep my healthy freezer crockpot meals quickly and efficiently:

  1. Pick a day to make all meals at once (I will be doing mine on Sunday!) I grocery shop ahead of time and I print my recipes so I don’t have to search for them on my
  2. On my prep day, I label my freezer bags with the printable labels which are in the files of the Facebook group. To use, simply cut out the labels, use a permanent marker to fill them out with cooking instructions, and tape them to your freezer bags with clear shipping tape.
  3. Get out all of the necessary ingredients. I chop all of the fresh vegetables and brown the ground turkey and turkey sausage for the spaghetti recipe. Then work in an assembly line to fill all of the freezer bags.
  4. For slow cooker recipes, fill your gallon-sized plastic freezer bag like this: beans and vegetables at the bottom, sauces and spices in the middle, and meat at the top. This way when you dump it, meat is on the bottom of your cooker.
  5. Seal (getting all air out), lay flat in the freezer, and store for up to 3 months.
  6. When we’re ready to eat, I thaw the meal in the refrigerator overnight and then let the crockpot do all the work. (If I forget to thaw overnight, I thaw the freezer bag in cold water.)

Tip! Use two 1-gallon pitchers (or as many as you have). holderSave yourself a headache of the bag falling over on you while trying to fill it! Slide the open zip lock bag into the pitcher while you’re filling it with food. It will stay upright without you having to hold onto it! Fill, seal, then pull the bag out! Or you can purchase the holders pictured from

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