7 Day Clean Eating Crockpot Group

7DAYgeneric add

Remember how you said you were going to eat healthier this year?  Maybe I can help!

How about I help you out with 7 days of quick, easy and healthy dinners you throw in the crock-pot and dinner is ready when you are! I will give you a shopping list and recipes for each day! You also have the option to purchase 7 days worth of Shakeology for a super quick and ridiculously healthy breakfast to get your day started.

Let’s make this the easiest (and healthiest) week you’ve had in a while! Send me a Facebook friend request here so I can add you to my group this weekend to get you access to the shopping list. We start cooking on Monday, January 26th! Feel free to invite your friends! *No coaches please!

21dayfixpostIf you are serious about starting your health and fitness journey you will want to begin with my 21 Day program. This includes 30 minute workouts for each day of the week, portion control containers, meal plan, a month of your daily dose of dense nutrition meal replacement shakes, access to a lifetime support group as well as the crockpot group and me as your coach to help you achieve your goals! Get details here to reserve your spot!

You can contact me here with questions!:

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