10 Things to do instead of eating out of boredom

Emotional eating and boredoworkm can be killers to a healthy lifestyle change. Break your old habits; do not look in every cabinet and the fridge over and over!

Instead, try one of these:Paint-Your-Nails
1. Take a walk. Bring a friend. The fresh air will do you good.
2. Paint your nails. Try something new!
3. Drink water or tea, sometimes you’re just thirsty!
4. Watch a comedy, Instant Movies!
5. Re-organize something – room, closet, laptop…you name it!
6. Workout – BONUS: endorphins make you happy!
7. Take a bath or shower…relax!
8. Talk to a friend. Hey, What’s up?!
9. Walk around the mall, but avoid the food court. Bring your Shakeology instead!
10. Meditate – Click here to find out how and why!

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