No resolutions this year – Make it a REALsolution!

Things don’t magically change on January 1st. You don’t suddenly become a different person, one who can stick to a diet or exercise program, if you never have in the past. That’s why this year, we are skipping the resolution, and making a #REALsolution.

More than 70% of people who make resolutions don’t keep them, and more than 40% never even start!

Follow this simple 5-step process to create a #REALsolution that will set you up for success all year long.

Step 1:
Set a clear, attainable goal. Think of exactly what you want to achieve, and be specific.insteadStep 2:
Make a solid plan for achieving your goal. Choose a fitness program or nutrition plan to help you get there. Think about trying Shakeology. Or, commit to using a program you already own.

Step 3:
Download this accountability contract. Sign it. Post it somewhere you will see it every day. Snap a photo of the contract and post it on Instagram or Facebook…create accountability for yourself! Tag me in it! @cjessgogetfit

Step 4:
If you’re not already part of one of my Challenge Groups, join one of my private groups on Facebook where you can check in daily, get encouragement, and stay accountable.

Step 5:
Try tracking your progress on the Team Beachbody site (you get access when you purchase a challenge pack) or use a fitness tracker.

When you’ve reached your goal, repeat this 5-step process again to continue to improve!


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