25 Days of Fitmas Challenge Group – Starting December 1, 2014

There are ways you can improve your willpower this season! Save your splurges for holiday parties and really stick to a plan rest of the month!

1. Participate in my challenge group. Eat clean for a week or even the whole challenge. Tell everyone you’re doing it. Blog or Facebook about it. Hold yourself responsible and go public with your goals so others can, too. That way reaching for the chips will have bigger consequences. After the 25 days your tastes may have changed and potato chips might not be something you crave anymore as your body adapts to healthier foods.

2. Buy healthier brands or food, don’t buy chips at all, or have your family hide the chips from you. Not always as effective depending on your family’s views on health and food, but could help if you explain to them what’s up. Invite your family and friends to this challenge group! It’s a great time of year to do something healthy and fun together!

3. Fill up on clean, healthy fruits and veggies. When you’re hungry or craving chips, instead go and mix up a Shakeology treat!

4. There will be a participation gift at the end of this challenge! What a great gift for yourself!

Sign up on Facebook by clicking here!

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