Day 11 – Ouch, my eye!

I don’t think this entry applies so much to my 21 Day Fix experience but it is part of what has consumed the last few days and has limited my journal entries. Let me start with this. Kids are great, I love all of my kids. However, some days are like this:
I had a “reality” day recently and ended up with a scratch on my eyeball thanks to my sweet little 11 month old:
My eye is extremely sensitive to light which makes blogging difficult. I am not allowed to wear make up which is OK. I don’t wear much anyway but at work I prefer to wear a little. I also prefer not to look like I have pink eye when I visit clients. So I have been cranky and haven’t made any new recipes or blogged much. It has been leftovers around here.

OK, enough whining! I have kept up with my workouts, really sticking with it, even when it hurts! That’s the good news! I am on my second week and I really see improvement in my workouts, that is exciting!

My support group helped me to realize that I do not drink enough water. Mostly on the one or two days a week that I work. I guess that is a new struggle, I will have to be more thoughtful of it. I need to get a big jug. I have some shopping to do tomorrow and it is on my list. Well, I am off to clip my babies nails, put her down to nap and do my Cardio Fix! Cheers to better days!

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